Persuasive Essay On Civil Law

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I am writing you as a concerned citizen that has been impacted by the decision of Judge Scalia in Whren v. United States supporting law officer’s ability to stop and search cars for little to no reason including skin color. For example, which of the following should a driver expected to be pulled over for? 1. Driving in a line of cars suspected of racing 2. Officer allowing the car to pass, then pulling back into traffic and stopping the car for tags not completely visible 3. Driving 20 miles over the speed limit 4. Being suspected of driving a stolen vehicle as license plate is visible in front and back window 5. Driving with green underglow lights If you were dark-skinned, you would have answered that you would be pulled over for each of these. How many of these violations generated a ticket? Two of them did speeding and underglow. How many were dismissed one - the traffic judge deemed that although Colorado Statute Title 42 indicates that only the highest-ranking official at an emergency command center can run green underglow, being stopped for this infraction alone was not enough to receive a citation and dismissed the charges. These types of stops happen to black drivers at a higher frequency than white drivers. I urge you to check and repeal this ruling and enforce the Fourth Amendment for all drivers. Drivers with dark skin should not be pulled over on the grounds of how they look, they should not be forced to wait while a law officer searches for something to

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