Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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If I had won the 2020 election and became president of the United Sates, the one thing I will do first, and with swift action, is climate change reform. With congressional help, I will strive to lower carbon emissions, invest in sustainable energy research, and implement more energy efficient mechanisms in public infrastructure All these three goals when accomplished will help the United State achieve a sustainable future. Firstly, lowering carbon emissions will be the first step into achieving true climate change reform. Large quantities of greenhouse gasses cause the earth’s temperature rise above normal levels. These increased levels cause the earth to warm itself above average and cause the climate to change. This climate change results in droughts, hurricanes, and rising sea levels that disrupts normal living economically politically and socially. America needs to be proactive and not reactive, when these natural disasters happen. The federal and state government can’t afford hurricane relief, displacement services, food banks and many of the programs that support life after a natural disaster. People should not lose their homes, their jobs or the loved ones because they have been washed away by rising sea levels. The government can no longer cave in to the demands of rich corporations. We work for the people not the companies. To combat this epidemic, we need to lower the United States greenhouse gas emissions. At this rate, the United States is giving upwards of

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