Persuasive Essay On Confirmation Bias

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You see what you see, you hear what you hear but do you always believe what you see and hear. Most people do believe everything they see and hear because they only remember what confirms their own bias. We as people associate with others or certain medias that support the beliefs we have, and our memories help us remember information that can be used as proof to make what we believe seem true. The only problem that stands in the way is if the information we are receiving is true or not. There is where most of us go wrong we don’t fact check we just assume. We assumed pizzagate was true without even considering it. Almost everyone uses confirmation bias wheather they realize it or not. Confirmation bias is used to show intelligence and boosts self-esteem, it is heavily influenced in the news outlets and social media, and has a huge effect on society today.
Confirmation bias is something that every person is susceptible to, unless you know that you’re doing it. Confirmation bias is our tendency to seek out information that we already believe to be true. This affects how you interpret information, how you seek information, and also how you remember things. When you look at the world around you, it is the conformation bias in your head that is telling you certain things to pay attention to more than others. Your brain tends to seek out evidence that confirms your beliefs about something. You often do this because you do not want to be wrong about something and will do anything
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