Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Have you ever been bullied and thought it was just because that person was having a bad day? One day it starts off in the class and you walk away to ignore it. Now daily insults start to come through via text, social media, and your email. Although the targeted jokes aren’t true, people still laugh because they have no obligation to help anyone other than themselves. That sickening feeling of self-hate and depression causes irrational thoughts to flood your mind; The constant insults jab at yourself -esteem causing you to look into the mirror with disgust often times thinking of ways to change your appearance or true character. Dropping out of school was the only way to escape the pain caused by your environment, but these methods never trash these feelings they only neglect them causing them to linger in your subconscious. Remnants of these emotions cut deep so your wounds cause you to randomly run to the bathroom to wipe your eyes. You sit there wondering if it is all real. The real question is what would you do to help? Would you let this continue to happen? In response to these problems, I will argue that cyberbullying is an issue that is getting out of control and people are not fully aware of its life altering effects. With the increasing usage of social media cyberbullying has caused adolescents to have low self-esteem, to drop out of school, and to harm themselves. Cyberbullying is being ignored and people need to be reminded how serious it is. As a matter of fact,

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