Persuasive Essay On Cyberbullying

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A 13 yr old girl gives her phone number to her best friend. Her best friend gives it to her friends. The 13 yrd old doesn't care about it because, she thinks that her friends, friends aren’t going to do anything. The 13 yr old gets a non recognized text message a few days after her phone number was leaked to other people. The text message wasn't any good news, a bully had reached her phone number and, was on the way to cyberbullying her. The 13 yr old started to be cyberbullied from there, but she didn’t want to say anything which was to much presure for her. The 13 yr old fell into a stage of very bad depression which lead her into making bad choices for ways of relieving her stress. As an older sister, and cousin I wanted to find …show more content…

Cyberbullying can happen any day at, anytime, and anywhere you are. Cyberbullying has grown so much through the years that now it has become some kind of common issue. Cyber Bullying usually happens between teens because, of arguments, racial harassment, or because of physical features .One of the most unbelievable causes for cyberbullying is that parents may be the cause for their kids to cyberbully someone else. Parents who use aggressive communication toward their children , will cause the kid problems in school, and out of school. Study also shows that many teens are being influenced by their friends to do things they shouldn't do like cyberbullying. Cyberbullies think that bullying others , making them feel bad about themselves, and making them do things they shouldn’t do is ok but what they don't know is that they are the cause for any teens committing suicide,and making choices they will regret after it happens. Even though it's hard to stop cyberbullying around the world because, not everyone has the same opinion as us, we can make change. By not visiting social media you know will cause you bad things, and by not being too much on

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