Persuasive Essay On Dietary Supplements

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Dietary supplements are an ever-increasing industry; that includes weight-loss aids, vitamins, herbal preparations, and energy boosters. With these increases, there is an outcry for more control on companies that sell these products. But the FDA only lightly monitors the supplement industry. As a result, some critics feel that the FDA needs to step in and more closely monitor supplement manufacturing to make sure the products sold do what do what the company says or have no negative side effects on the people who use these manufactured goods. Inside these supplements, some illegal substances have been found, and some of these supplements are illegal without a prescription. Furthermore, some companies mislabeled their products with false information that does not include the correct ingredients used on their bottles.…show more content…
There has been an increasingly noticeable rise in visits to the hospital due to the use of supplements. As a result, there have been over 21,000 reported emergency room visits yearly (Weeks para 16). Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has noticed substances used to make supplements that are not legal in the United States. Some of these ingredients include steroids, which are illegal to have in any medication without being prescribed by a doctor. But Weeks believes that with stricter FDA regulations on supplements, the industry could be safer for people wishing to try to make themselves healthier. Because, some day your mother, daughter, brother, or father may try to take supplements to better their health or their life, and people have a right to know if they are at risk of having medical complications due to the supplements they’re
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