Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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The chosen ad category for this project is drinking and driving. The main purpose of this was on how society can stop this horrible incident that happens in almost every weekend around the world (the time when people drink). There has been a rise of these in the America continent (North and South) over the past decade (Intoxalock). Despite all the messages the government keeps passing to the public through advertisement in the form of posters, banners, commercials, and social media platforms, people choose not to listen and keep repeating the tragedy over and over again. This ad, which image depicts an arm with a truck drawn on it punching someone else in the face, isn't one of the posters that just informs against drinking and driving, …show more content…

The depicted image shows that a man getting punched by a fist in his jaws and has car pictures painted on both (the fist and the man’s cheek). The image also shows that how two cars collide; the fists reflects the situation of a drunk driver hitting the man’s jaws. The picture accurately portrays on what the situation becomes and especially how the innocent person faces injustice. The image clearly indicates a very accurate meaning that the man who is getting hit in his jaws by a fist is innocent. The reason is because it shows that the man with the red paint car has not been doing anything, while the green paint car hits him. As back to the analysis, he surely did not deserve what happened to him and importantly how he is the one who is getting affected by this incident. The image also shows how the culprit hits the man. This is true that when both the cars will collide and cause an accident, both get affected, but in this image, it shows that a fist intentionally hit the man’s jaws. It can be understood with visual image understanding. This image depicts the message that the drunk man who decides to drive despite knowing from all the advertisements posted on banners, posters, network commercials and social media ads that it is forbidden to drive while a person is drunk, clearly shows that the drunk person committed a crime. Even though he will be affected by this

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