Persuasive Essay On Drone Warfare

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Is one death acceptable for the survivability of hundreds around the world while in the comfort of your own home? Debatable yes, but is it absolutely necessary? In essence, the sacrificial death of one person in hopes of saving an entire population would be the just action even if it means hurting the ones affiliated with the death of a loved one, so yes, it is necessary. On April 1st, there was an event where Colonel Powell, a British U.K. officer, had primarily launched an event to capture number 2, 3, and 5 terrorists on the American list of most wanted terrorists in Africa. However, these two of these terrorists were once local citizens, one from the United States and the other belonging to the United Kingdom. Due to the gradual change of events, Colonel Powell was presented with the only option of killing the targets with a hellfire missile launched from a drone. Due to some severe circumstances, a girl named Alia was unfortunately caught in the blast that was enhanced by the terrorists’ armed suicide vests. Many tend to argue that the unfortunate death of Alia was considered an act of injustice, no less firing the missile from a far away distance, specifically Nevada, and from a drone. This unfortunate event is an example of how morals are questioned and how Drone Warfare could be perceived as an invasion of privacy and as an inaccurate and inhumane method of eliminating targets. I ask you this, would you yourselves want the betterment of humanity in terms of

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