Persuasive Essay On Elementary Education

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In the words of Dr. Seuss, “The more that [an individual] read[s], the more things [they] will know. The more that [they] learn, the more places [they will] go.” Students are our future and we need reliable, dedicated, sufficient, driven teachers. Not just any individual can be a true teacher; students are special and need a special person to touch their hearts, minds, and souls. Teachers form the world; producing, inspiring, and providing students with the options and opportunities for their future. A Bachelor degree is the minimal requirement, but perhaps a very realistic goal in four years. Reading through many articles I find teachers definitely teach for passion, not money. Every class and individual student is different and technology is becoming superior in many classrooms, positively and negatively. By 2025, most classrooms will be using computers and technology for education and curriculum. I find competition between college never fails. Going into Elementary Education (K-6) there are many college programs to choose from. provides the information that in the state of Kansas, Pittsburg State University (PSU) is ranked sixth of 45 and Emporia State University (ESU) is ranked eighth of 45. (The 45 Best Colleges in Kansas for 2017) By attending PSU, a student would spend $572 more on tuition than compared to ESU; however, PSU has 72 academic programs as well as having their elementary education program ranked as one of their three most popular
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