Persuasive Essay On Endangered Animals

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Almost all living things have a cycle or a system which they are part of. Most species depend upon each other. “The U.S. for service like parts of the human body, to make functioning hole.” That basically means like a human body to work together with all of its organs humans need animals to work together that way we can all survive. Should we prevent excessive hunting and poaching to help our environment and the fate of the human existence. I think the answer is yes! Saving most of these endangered species have become crucial.

In 2003, the Canadian government officially designated Atlantic Cod as an endangered and threatened species. In the 15th century Atlantic Cod has been a dietary and economic Mainstay. This Cod also helps sustain human life along the Canadian coast as well as marine life. A 2010 reassessment of the fish stocked by Canadian government determine Cod population have diminished to the extent they say are predicted to experience or irreparable harm. Another example of endangered species would be the polar bear. This species has become endangered due to the effects of global warming because of the result of these greenhouse gases getting trapped in the utmost atmosphere it is burning the fossil fuels because the ice caps are shrinking, so a re the inhabited areas for polar bears. Fewer polar bears mean more seals (which the polar bear eats) which would turn into fewer fish. 10,000 seals weighing 500 lb can eat 350,000 lb of fish per day. "LUJAN

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