Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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When we think about euthanasia, we usually think of putting down a pet such as a dog or a cat to relieve them of their misery. But what about humans? Shouldn’t a patient who is suffering with a terminal illness be granted the right to die peacefully? A terminal illness is an incurable disease where adequate treatment is not available, and the patient should expect death shortly after diagnosis. Even when treatment is involved, death will ultimately occur. People that have these diseases should be given more control over the fate of their lives. Currently, the only states in the US that allow assisted suicide are California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Every state in the US should implement a death with dignity law into their legislation for competent patients. When patients are in incredible amounts of pain, they deserve the right to end their suffering, release the financial burden of medical bills, and maintain their human right to determine their fate through doctor assisted suicide.
Patients who suffer with a terminal illness are put through countless rounds of treatment, hospital visits, and even in-home care. Day after day these people must endure massive amounts of medical treatment knowing that in the end, all that the treatment is doing is prolonging their suffering. For these patients, there is no cure, so why should they continue to endure treatment that is doing nothing but keeping them in a state of distress? Physicians do so much to try and

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