Persuasive Essay On Fake News

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Almost 1.8 billion people use Facebook, and about half of American adults use as their main news source. According to Cambridge Dictionary, fake news is false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence political views or as a joke. Currently, many people are debating over the problem of fake news. For example, in the 2016 election, two candidates were chosen, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As many citizens possessed different political views, some started to create posts and articles to try and change other’s political opinions. As a result of this, companies were criticized for not taking measures to reduce the amount of fake news. Later, companies started to take control of their software, as it is essential to handle fake news as most people receive their information from these outlets. Although some argue that the spread of fake news is the fault of the people who create it, it should be largely the company’s responsibility to control its spread; they should add algorithms to determine a post’s validity.
During the 2016 presidential election, Facebook was greatly disparaged for not making an attempt to counter fake news. Although Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook had no connection with the outcome of the election, some thought otherwise. For example, a man named Eric Tucker took a picture of a road filled with buses who he claimed were filled with protesters who he thought would march against Donald
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