Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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The United States has many amendments that makes America what it is today. America was built on the U.S. Constitution and still to this day people are supposed follow it. But the first amendment is one of the biggest ones people tend to disagree on. It says one in America has the right to freedom of speech, which means one can say anything or not say anything at all. It is the law that everyone in America has freedom of speech, but when hurtful things are said that are not necessary, it crosses the line because it could end in violence without unprotected hate speech, it could offended someone with a hurtful opinion, and people will never learn to act justly if they are never punished for their wrong doings.
People disagree if hate speech should be protected or not, but why would anyone want to say anything hurtful in the first place? If what one is about to say will end in violence, then that speech should be unprotected. Violence is not the answer to any problem or disagreement, but most people see it as a way to end conflicts. The Supreme Court has made many things unprotected. Child pornography, obscenity, and hateful words are examples of speech they have made unprotected(Ruane). These examples of hate speech and many more can end in violence. Therefore, at some point someone will have had enough of the hurtful words and try to end it in a violent way. This could conclude with many deaths, injuries, more unsolved conflicts, and hurt feelings, again. If hate speech was

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