Persuasive Essay On Gay Rights

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As everyone’s opinion has been stirred into a great debate each branch of government has played a role in establishing, enforcing, and passing laws on same sex marriage. Congress has introduced bills on the issue of concern for gay marriage and the policies surrounding it. Barack Obama has invited bisexual leaders to the white house to address their issues and concerns. The Supreme Court has even established and gave same-sex couples new rights and freedoms ensuring a brighter future for LGBT community in the U.S. The changes brought forth by the different forms of government have become more, and more controversial as the fight for Gay Rights presses forward as a very relevant topic in today’s politics. The Legislative Branch of the government has passed several bills which address same sex marriage and other issues which tie into it. The Respect for Marriage Act was made to imply that the states must recognize same sex marriage from another state. The bill is not limited to states other than the origin of marriage or Indian tribes or territories. The passing of this bill amended or modified the (DOMA). (DOMA) stands for Defense of Marriage Act and was established in 1996 , it stated that marriage was defined as the union of man and woman by means of law. The bill also changed the definition of spouse from being a marital partner of the opposite gender. This was not the only bill which pertained to the establishment of more liberate laws on

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