Persuasive Essay On Genetic Modification

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The science of genetic engineering has brought about many outstanding achievements in that past and continues to remain on the cutting edge of research. Although public opinion has been reluctant to embrace the study of genetics, it’s already inevitably become an essential part of our lives. There is infinitely more to the science of genetic modification than the average person comprehends. This science is not only channeled in modifying food sources but in a wide range of studies, especially in the medical field. Moreover, while our perceptions of genetic experimentation have given it a bad name, this field has the potential to have an immeasurable benefit to society.
Nevertheless, it’s understandable that people are hesitant to embrace research and experimentation on the very thing that makes us who we are, the code to all life forms, DNA. It might seem rather intimidating that scientists can seemingly play God, creating what you probably imagine as test tube animals, part bird and part fish like the doctored photos you’ve seen on the internet, but they’re simply not possible. Animals evolved the way they did for a reason, and not just any random combination of species is able to function and survive as a whole and complete living system. Recently, a more relevant term has often been negatively attached to genetic modification. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, have been the subject of public outrage as they are increasingly filtering into

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