Should Greyhound Racing Be Banned Across All States Across Australia

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A couple of years ago, Australia watched on from their tellies as ‘Four Corners’ unraveled the darkest of secrets in modern day greyhound racing. We exposed the gruesome sport for what it is, a lower class ‘Melbourne Cup’ which sends a clear and undeniable statement that the GRV (Greyhound Racing Victoria) have a lack of motivation and desire to fix the sport. The allegations that live baiting is used during training and the corruption surrounding the policing of the sport, further supports the idea that greyhound racing should indefinitely be banned in all states across Australia. Greyhound racing is completely out dated and will leave future generations puzzled at why we encouraged the continuation of this disgusting sport.

Fear, a common misconception regarding the GRV. Greyhound Racing Victoria, an institution which has no ethical values. The constant reminder which is apparent when discussing the lack of motivation and desire to fix the sport, they so dearly cherish. The underwhelming reality of the situation that they simply just don’t care, or don’t have the ‘resources’ to make an impact. Is the GRV ready to take serious consideration of the recent events, and make a formal statement regarding the live baiting training centers? Or is the Australian Government forced to ban the sport across all states? I personally think that Greyhound Racing should be banned across all states because, the industry once promised that they ‘would do better’ back in 2015, but enough is

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