Should Australia Bans Live Export?

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Over time, there have been several exposés by animal rights activists published revealing the maltreatment of Australian exported cattle, goats and sheep. This is the harsh reality that Australian animals face practically daily.
Australia exports approximately over 1million cattle and 2million sheep live every year, although the number fluctuates due to environmental conditions, international disputes and currency change this is the main statistic. Not too recently World Animal Protection and Animals Australia released shocking videos revealing their undercover investigations overseas and the horrific abuse these animals suffer. Australian live export laws are in place to prevent the abuse and to protect these animals, yet once in other countries borders, these laws dissipate and play no part in the treatment of the livestock they spent so much money on raising and keeping healthy. A lot of these animals do not even survive the shipment only to then be shoved into boiling car trunks for
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If Australia bans live export it would be good for a while, but then there would be counter effects, multiple jobs would be lost and those animals still would not get proper care due to the fact that most farmers in the live export industry only have a certain amount of land and feed for a certain number of livestock, which would affect everything if there was a surplus moreover, if the live export continues, Australia can continue to grow and generate an income to keep a stable and functioning society, although these animals are meeting cruel fates Australia can stay afloat. In the countries, we are trading livestock with, they do not see it the same as we Australians, they have no laws pertaining to animal cruelty. The commute to the point of debarkation is the real killer, these animals are dying before they even reach the borders. Prevent animal cruelty, not live
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