Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas and shot and killed 26 innocent people with the victims ranging from the ages of 5 to 72. Gun control has been an issue in the United states since the 1960’s. Many innocent lives have been lost because the use of guns are uncontrollable. As a result, that makes it easier for teens and elders to get their hands on a gun. Living in Boston has shown me how guns are impacting the community. With that being said, these questions has been brought to my attention; What are the effects on carrying a gun either legally or illegally without harsh ruling? How does it impact unarmed innocent people? And what other ways can people defend themselves instead …show more content…

It also pointed out the start of the of the second amendment, and how massacres happening frequently sparked up a bill of having background checks before purchasing a gun. The authors of this article mentioned that Having tougher gun laws “Can hinder certain individuals from gaining access to firearms”. (“Gun Control”, para 9). In other words, if Gun laws were harsh when it comes to providing safety, then guns will not be in the hands of people who can potentially put others at risk. Additionally, stern laws need to be implemented to make sure everybody in the community is safe whether people decide to carry or have possession of a gun. However, there are people that believe that there shouldn't be regulations to gun laws. Not having regulations on gun laws resulted in the shooting death of 49 people in a club (“Gun Control” paragraph 20). This shows that gun laws without limitations can lead to devastation because that guy didn't have a proper background check. “ Although stricter gun laws is an issued that needs to be controlled before Americans have to witness more traumatic events. During my research I came across an article, 5 Arguments Against Gun Control that was published In 2016. This article argues the idea that having gun control is bad because it goes against Americans rights. “Shooters target gun free zones”. (DeFlippin and Hughes, paragraph 6) This quote means that the reasons why a shooter would even dare to

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