Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control has become a topic of debate from recent shootings, to political disputes, to citizens’ Second Amendment rights, but now the government is stepping in and considering stricter gun laws to help, but is that the answer? I recently read the article “Just Take Away Their Guns” (Barnet 126) where the author stated there should be more gun control without infringing on the rights of citizens who carry legally. We, the People, need to control whose hands these guns are in and how to stop them from obtaining them illegally in the first place.
According to the author, the public does not think that tougher gun control will work even though the public supports stricter gun laws. The people who want additional gun laws are the same people who do not pay attention to the facts of lawful and responsible gun owners. The President of the United States however believes and wants gun control to work. Unfortunately, creating new laws on buying a gun will not have much of an effect on the guns that are illegally used or bought as “there are some 200 million guns in private ownership” (Barnet126). Only about 2 percent of legally owned guns have been linked to crimes. Most of the guns in the hands of criminals are bought off the black market meaning in the streets, guns that have been stolen, or private purchases which are all unaffected by any new laws created. To put it in a different perspective, in 1992 police had made many arrests for having an illegal gun. This number

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