Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In the United States, we have issues that affect many Americans in their day to day lives. They live always wondering when the next breaking news alert will show up on their television, smart phone, or computer; listening to the constant blast of sirens running through the downtown city streets, from police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. Anything from burglaries, high speed car chases, or shootings keep these emergency personnel on the clock 24/7. The government has many laws established to prevent these outbreaks yet they still constantly happen. Although many of our laws do keep must of our daily lives in a safer routine such as traffic laws and laws meant to keep humans civil such as laws about murder and theft, you would think …show more content…

Criminals do not always intend to use the weapon even if they have it; for instance, in armed robberies criminals use weapons as a scare tactic to get the victim to comply. Going into the crime they did not have intentions of actually using the weapon for harm. Not all crimes are planned out as well; they could possibly be a last-minute decision that a person sees as their only escape from their issues. According to the above statistic even if the government completely removed firearms from the public it would only stop 8 percent of all violent crimes. That does not seem to be a logically effective solution. Even if the government somehow effectively strips all firearms away from criminals they would just resort to using the next best weapon of choice. Criminals are not going to let the government’s laws get in their way; when they became a criminal, they decided the law was no longer important to them so just because a new gun control law is introduced does not mean the criminals are going to pay any attention to its purpose. According to the FBI, in 2014 there was 1,567 murders committed with knives or a sharp object and only 248 murders committed with a rifle (FBI: UCR). That is over six times the amount of murders committed with a knife than a rifle, including the infamous assault rifle. Even if the laws effectively eliminated the use of these weapons in crimes,

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