Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Overpowering the media, firearms have adapted the image of protest signs in a fight for limitation on the weapon’s usage. While the right to bear arms is the Second Amendment, stricter gun control should be implemented in America due to suicide gun deaths, the guns per person statistics that connect to the violence, and the public mass shootings that are commonly occurring in comparison to other countries around the globe. In contradiction to what most believe, the majority of gun deaths are suicides. Not always broadcasted in the media, gun-related suicides are extremely important because they represent the reason for gun control. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States have a mental illness (NAMI), and can also purchase a …show more content…

Researchers found that 40% of citizens own or live in a home with guns, while 48% of children grow up knowing they are in arm’s reach of a weapon (Fox). This can be especially dangerous if the child lives in an abusive household or experiences mental instability because the risk of a violence outbreak is higher. Not only has America grown up with guns, but 66% of gun owners own multiple firearms and ¾ “couldn’t imagine not owning one” (Lopez). The dependence on firearms throughout America creates an obsession/attachment to the weapon, that with unfortunate mental imbalance can create a violent response to certain “trigger” situations. A restraint on the amount of guns each homeowner possesses can overall lower the possibility of a firearm in the hands of an individual who could do harm. Most alarming, there are more public mass shootings in America than any other country in the world (Lopez). One can argue that gun homicides have declined over the last few decades (assumed to be because of mass incarceration and better policing) (Lopez), which is a positive aspect, but the danger of gun violence is still evident. In America’s 2017 so far there has been 307 mass shootings (Las Vegas), with three in the last seventeen months setting records for being the nation’s most barbarous (Miller). The most recent, occurring on November 5th, took place in Texas at the First Baptist Church with an outcome of 25

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