Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Columbine, Sandy Hook, and most recently a country music festival in Las Vegas, are just a few of the gun related tragedies that even people living under rocks have heard about. The amount of gun violence recorded in public spaces since the 40s is outrageous, yet it has become so normalized in our society that each time an incident occurs nothing but a hashtag on twitter is created. Not only is this topic not talked about as it should be, but acquiring a gun continues to be an easy task. Among the gun owners across America, around 40 percent did not go through a background check or have a permit to obtain their firearm. This can be traced back to issues such as the “gun show loophole” and other ways of private sale or transfer. The problem with this is not that people are able to get ahold of guns but that guns are falling into the hands of the wrong people and are used for the wrong reasons.
To prevent more people from being killed with these metal objects by heartless monsters, I propose that instead of confiscating every American citizens’ guns, we require that everyone stay armed at all times.
Firstly, everyone will become a source of their own protection. By giving men, women, and children the right to carry a gun with them wherever they go, public shootings will become a less common occurrence. I think all people can agree that giving a hormonal and irresponsible teenager a gun is certainly a smart idea because they will only use it for its correct purpose.

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