Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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Over the last decade or so, the United States has been jolted by an epidemic of horrific mass shootings. There is no specific target, no sought out group. It’s been from a classroom of first-graders, to a gay bar, to a holiday party at a center for developmentally disabled adults, and now a country music concert in Las Vegas. However, America’s gun violence is much deeper and larger than assault weapons and mass shootings. If we as a country want to significantly reduce our gun violence, then we need to shift our focus from banning assault weapons to focusing on creating stricter gun regulations and tailored interventions.
Mass shootings believe it or not don’t make up a huge proportion of our gun violence. Suicide victims, women terrorized by their abusive partners and kids swept up into gangs are all in danger from guns, and each require distinct protections. Potential suicide victims need improved access to people who could get them help. Women endangered by their abusive partners, usually men, need to be prioritized by law enforcement who can enforce restraining orders that would prohibit these men from buying and owning guns. And we need to implement programs for kids that are at risk for violence and connect them with mentors that help keep them off the streets, and provide guidance to help them de-escalate conflicts. The lack of education and economic opportunities has a lot to do with gun violence not the specific kind of weapon or weapon itself. It’s time to
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