Persuasive Essay On Healthy Food

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What if you just count calories? Well, calorie content on packaging isn’t exact; it’s more like an estimate. Not to mention, it’s too easy for us to start obsessing over calories. The focus on calories pulls us away from the actual ingredients, not to mention the ability to enjoy our food.

Portion control, on the other hand, becomes a habit that doesn’t need to involve math or planning. Sure, you could take it to the limit and weigh everything you eat. But honestly, you can just buy smaller plates and bowls.

Restricting yourself? I know it sounds like torture. But serving sizes have more than doubled in the last few decades. Seeing how much an inactive person should be eating for weight loss is a real reality check.

3. Maintain a Healthy Gut. Ah, the gut. It’s the very source of our good health, from hormonal balance and immune system to nutrient absorption and mood.

A sluggish colon and constant indigestion can expand your belly so much, so often that you think it’s the norm. Furthermore, an unhealthy imbalance in gut bacteria can actually make you store more belly fat.

Fortunately, your diet can help get you back on track. The food you eat can change the mission of the bacteria in your belly. Do they want to keep fat around, or make the most of cell-protecting nutrients?

Oil, dairy, refined carbs, and trans fats that promote inflammation must go. Instead, stick to a gut-healing diet of foods that prevent inflammation.

It’s also a good idea to speak to your

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