Persuasive Essay On Home Alone

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Most people never thought of what it would be like to have your wish come true, and at the same time having to face the scariest thing as a kid all in just two days. One thing is true for a fact that we do love our family greatly, yet we all have taken our anger out on our family also by saying some things that we probably shouldn't have, causing our emotions to take over and have no control over what happens next. Therefore, in a film as a kid Kevin McCallister (a 9-year-old) decides to take all his anger out on his family after being name called and teased. His mom then sends him to the attic where he then tells her that he hates his family, but that he also wishes to never see them again. His wish did, in fact, come true, he was left home alone on Christmas Eve while his family was on vacation. The thing is he has to face two robbers in an event of the battle of good vs. evil just to save his house, nor does he have anyone to look up too. But does he? Having no family there makes it even harder, and Kevin soon realizes that maybe his family is what matters most. This film is called Home Alone, In the film Home Alone, the storyteller uses the archetype the “hero's” regrets and the “mentor's” advice to illustrate that we as humans tend to say rude and hurtful things towards the people we love the most when we are angry because we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it, and we don’t realize how thankful we are for our family until something happens where we need
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