Persuasive Essay On Homework

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Picture this; You just got home from a long hard stressful day of school and now you can relax. Oh wait you can’t. This is because you have more arduous work to do. So you grab a snack sit down and pull out your homework. You then begin to write down everything you have to do on a list so you have an idea of what you are going to have to do tonight. The list begins with your double sided fifty question math sheet, three page science document, Social studies notes, followed by a reading SCR, and a writing short story. But wait, it gets worse, on top of all that homework you have a Math test to study for. Yes this seems very over the top. But it’s not, this is what many HMS students struggle with on a daily basis.

Yes homework can be helpful and beneficial for students but is there a point where enough homework is enough. One survey taken throughout HMS pod 7/8c shows that 65% of students spend 1-3 hours of of their time every day on homework. The same survey shows that 19% of students spend 4 or more hours on there home work and that only 16% spend less than an hour. Yes an hour may not seem like a lot of time but the last thing students want to do after 7 hours of work is even more work. Which is also why less than 8% of students do their homework right when they get home meaning that a whopping more than 92% of students procrastinate when they have homework. These numbers are no coincidence, many of these students who procrastinate are probably procrastinating simply

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