Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Immigrants have been coming to America way before the declaration of Independence in 1776. The United States of America has had immigrants from every nationality in the world seeking a better life or to pursue economic opportunities that may not be available in their native home. The majority of immigrants in the late nineteenth century arrived in the country on boats. Denial of entry were for the individuals whom are criminals, anarchists, or carriers of disease. Immigrants has the ability to become a legal resident, or a citizen of the United States. However, the process by which an individual can become a legal resident is much more complicated than it has been in years prior. In order to become a temporary or permanent resident of …show more content…

Yes. I agree with the law that individuals living in the US should be documented but deportation does not make America a safe place. All illegal immigrants are not terrorist or criminals. A lot of people that want to come to the United States are really hard working and have really solid character. This nation has a long tradition of immigrants arriving to build a better life here. At different times this country will need different levels of immigration, but we will always need new immigrants. People on one side of a border are not more “valuable” than people on another side of a border. There is a reason why our founding fathers believed that “all men are created equal”. In every nation on earth there are really wonderful people.
Currently, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States stands at an estimated 12 million and counting. There are immigrants who actually come to this country legally via visa or green card, but become illegal by over-staying their visas or green cards. The other type of illegal immigrant is an individual who simply illegally crosses the border and enters the country without contacting the United States’ government in any way.
Background/Historical Context
The American government had two types of initiatives that helped immigrants become legal residents. Initiatives:
1. Under President Ronald Reagan Administration, The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 granted amnesty to about 3 million undocumented

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