Persuasive Essay On Individual Privacy

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Individual privacy is something that should not have to be taken away in order to have public safety. I understand that some people may feel at ease when they feel like it may be something that could be for the better of society. The generation we live in now is already so open to world because we share everything on social media. So I do not see the reasoning in having to give up individual privacy for the purpose of public safety. When you look back at tragedies that have happened in the past, we tend to think what could have been done to have prevented the incident. If we look back at the San Bernardino mass shooting in 2015, the man behind the incident had an iphone that the F.B.I. wanted to get into. The company was not willing to assist according to (The New York Times), “ The F.B.I. wanted Apple to help “unlock” an iphone used by one of the two attackers. . . ” (Lichtblau, Benner 2016). This is an example of invasion of privacy and what are the chances that unlocking the phone would be any help to the public. Another thing that may concern the public is that if Apple would have unlocked the phone, what does this mean for all the other iphone users? This would have concerned other users and they would feel as if their privacy is at a higher risk of getting invaded. It is simply not fair to jeopardize the privacy of others to supposedly help the overall public. We have such a small amount of privacy as it is now because we are so open to the public. We should not

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