Persuasive Essay On Interpersonal Disorder

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For years, the main character Dave has been suppressing his emotions. The emotion he was holding in the most was his anger. The start of the movie zooms in to Dave at about age 12 and his crush comes up to him, but a bully runs up and pulls down his pants. He has no reaction to this event and from here on out he allows people to walk all over him and be very insecure with himself. What this creates then, is an inability for him to express his emotions. For example, he can’t tell his girlfriend he loves her, but he is fully ready to marry her. The movie discussed the two types of anger. Explosive and Implosive. Dave was the implosive type. On a PowerPoint from class titled: Students with learning and behavior disabilities: academic and social needs some of Dave’s traits are present such as; poor interpersonal skills, learned helplessness, anxiety, doesn’t know how to deal with conflict, and lastly history of social rejection.
Viewing Information:
This film was around one hour and forty-five minutes long. This movie was watched on October 2nd, 2017 with my Mom and Dad. It was their second time watching it. I was surprised that this was my first time viewing the film because the main characters are some of my favorite actors; Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Every viewers reaction was similar. We all agreed that it was funny and kept the audience’s attention with the humor and sometimes relatable characters.
Analysis of Positive Values:
In the movie Anger Management, some

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