Invasive Species Essay

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From the smallest fly to the blue whale, from a blade of grass to a towering redwood, everything exploits the natural resources that Earth and its other inhabitants provide. In order to ensure its survival, an organism must assimilate itself into the food web or risk extinction at the hand of natural selection. Sometimes, a species is accidentally or purposefully introduced into a new area. These newcomers, commonly known as invasive species have no choice but to make themselves a part of the food web or die out. Unfortunately, that usually leads to fierce competition for resources between a local species and the invasive one, in which only the victor is allowed to survive. In a relatively short amount of time, the sudden pressure on resources can completely upset and destroy an ecosystem, taking the invasive species with it. With the invasive species destroyed, the ecosystem can slowly rebuild back to the way it was before. According to National Geographic, an invasive species is a “type of plant or animal that is not indigenous to a particular area and causes economic or environmental harm.” (National Geographic).[6] Based on that definition, humans sound suspiciously like an invasive species, except on a global scale. If humanity does not decide to become more sustainable soon, we will suffer the same fate as other invasive species: extinction. Luckily, the pressures of human exploitation of the environment for resources can be mostly eliminated through the use of

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