Persuasive Essay On Into The Wild

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To Live The places we visit throughout our lives can sometimes leave a bigger imprint on us than anything else. The novel, Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer, displays a man, named Chris McCandless, who selfishly goes into the Alaskan Interior alone. The places he visits and the way he connects with the people and places around him before and during the journey help exemplify who he is. The place Chris McCandless died tells us a lot about who he is as a person. Jon Krakauer is telling us how the bus that Chris died in got there, “The project was halted in 1963: some fifty miles of road was eventually built, but no bridges were ever erected over the many rivers it transected, and the route was shortly rendered impassable by thawing permafrost and seasonal floods. Yutan hauled two of the buses back to the highway. The third bus was left about halfway out the trail to serve as a backcountry shelter for hunters and trappers” (Krakauer 10). The bus is located in a place where man tried to put roads and infrastructure, but nature quickly destroyed it. This directly relates to Chris being an intelligent college educated person but was called back to nature after man tried to build ‘infrastructure’ inside him. Jon Krakauer gives us a detailed description of the bus describing it as, “A vintage International Harvester from the 1940’s, the derelict vehicle is located twenty-five miles west of Healy as the raven flies, rusting incongruously in the Fireweed beside the Stampede
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