Persuasive Essay On Mass Shootings

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I have been a student in the Thomas County School System ever since I started pre-school. During my time here, I have loved every minute of it, learning and having great experiences with friends and teachers here. Over the last four years of my high school experience, I have noticed that there have been more threats of bombings and shootings around the nation. Even though we do have a safe school and take precautions, there is still room for error. I am proposing that we make school a safer place for kids to learn by installing bulletproof glass as well as door-stoppers in each class. Most of the history about this subject only goes back 70 years ago. Before that, no one knew what mass shootings were. These events were not normally committed during those times. This subject is a relatively new concept predominantly found in the U.S. In a recent study, it shows that we are the leading country for mass-shootings (Willingham). Following our country is the Philippines, with a difference of 72 shootings (Willingham). But it does not stop there. These events are rising with new mass shootings such as the Las Vegas Shooting, which is now the largest one in our country's history with over 50 deaths and over 500 injuries (Yan, et. al.). Even though these shootings are not near Thomasville, they still hit home. These circumstances could easily strike in our town with not time to plan, but to plan, but we could prevent them. Most of these events are mainly located in California,
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