Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

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As Boyd and Fales (1983) purported, reflective learning encourages and facilitates changing perspectives, as has occurred in my reflection and renewed outlook on mandatory mental health treatments. Following the viewing of the ReINVEST Participants Video (2017) wherein Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) significantly reduced violent behaviour, the question of whether violent offenders should be legally required to undergo treatment was discussed and met with a myriad of views. Medication was remarkably successful as seen through the participants testimonials of better relationships, job opportunities and drastic behavioural changes. However, when I imagined it forcibly imposed, the contravention of fundamental rights detracted the noteworthy outcomes due to coercive means to achieve the end. Similar discussions on whether repeat sexual offenders who lack remorse or fail to rehabilitate should be mandated to undergo treatment followed lectures on paedophiles and sexual sadists (L. Knight, personal communication, December 3, 2017). Reflecting on these discussions sparked my interest in mandatory mental health treatment laws, its benefits and costs, and ultimately compelled me to determine whether removing the free will of a small percentage of people would serve the interests of the greater community. Undeniably, there are differing arguments surrounding such law which dictates individuals to undergo treatment. Imposing treatment on serious offenders would
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