The Prison System And The Education Of Our Children

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Day after day, millions of inmates are sitting in jail doing nothing productive during their sentence. They only plunge deeper into their criminal ways; they aren’t given any methods to truly rehabilitate themselves or prepare themselves to reenter into society. We are paying to house these inmates every year, and all they are doing is repeatedly coming back. The United States has the highest population of incarcerated people. Unfortunately, we have begun to spend more on the prison system than the education of our children. In order to be fiscally responsible, it is important that we change the way that prisons are run so we can decrease the amount of recidivism and make sure that those inmates are fully prepared to reenter into society and have the confidence to achieve their new goals. Prisons were created to keep those who aren’t able to function as law abiding citizens out of society. There are some people who should be put in jail for their crimes. They’re there because of a mistake they made, but they shouldn’t be defined by their past mistakes for their whole lives. But where is the line drawn on who is a danger to society and who has needs real medical help for their mental issues. The President of Stop the Crime, Charles J. Kehoe argues that, “the four main purposes of a prison are as follows; provide retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation”. Retribution is given because they won’t cause any more harm to this society. Their freedom is taken…
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