Persuasive Essay On Multicultural Education

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As a parent, student, or anybody in the community what skills would you say define a qualified teacher? That is a question many people may not think of. If a student is passing a teacher class does not necessarily mean that the teacher is effectively teaching the course. It could as well be that the same teacher could be doing the bare minimum and letting the students ride on by through the course. But there are teachers who challenge their students and push them to their breaking point. Would the board members not rather have a teacher who would push their students to where they will actually learn something from the class and remember what exactly they have learned? I am not blaming it all on the teachers because there are some student who just do not care and will fail because of themselves but if multiple students are constantly failing then there is a problem and it is not with the student. What we have here is a lack of instructions that reflects multiple perspectives and multicultural education that the teachers are required to provide. This is a major problem in Montgomery, AL. Many of you who are residents of the city of Montgomery are being affected by this but fail to realize what is happening to you when receiving an education until you move out of the city or better yet the state. The chair members of the Montgomery Public School System need to go through a strategic process of emotional, physical, and mental test before hiring that teacher. Not only should that

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