Persuasive Essay On Panda

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What do you think of panda’s ? You might think of them as cute and adorable creatures. But what if I told in ten years they might not be any panda’s left in the wild ? This could actually happen. In fact, it will most likely happen if we don’t do anything about this. They are about 41,415 species and about 16,306 are endangered. That's about 40 % ! That's just a little less than half the species and panda’s are one of the most endangered species. In fact 10 years later there might be very few animals left. But why are the panda’s dying ? Who’s fault is it ? Us. People. Panda’s are almost extinct because of what we have been doing to their habitats. Those are their habitats not ours. But we have been using their territories a lot. Which is …show more content…

These adorable, cute teddy bears have been showing love to humans ever since. Always helping us and even giving food to the poor when the same species is trying to kill them or take away their lands which is forcing them to move. What they have done to us is amazing but what are we doing to them ? Poaching them and taking away their habitats. Shouldn't we show them our gratitude by still protecting them ? We should save the panda’s because they play an important role in the ecosystem. Panda’s play an important role in China’s bamboo forests by spreading, spreading seeds and helping bamboo grow. The panda’s have very few predators and they only eat bamboo. They are herbivores. But jackals, snow leopards and yellow throated martens eat panda’s. Since the snow leopard is endangered they now share the same habitats as panda’s which is a threat to panda’s because snow leopards are the main predators. The panda ecosystem works like this. The bamboo grows with the sun's energy, nutrients and rain/water. Than the panda eats the bamboo. The snow leopards, jackals and yellow throated martens eat the panda’s. Though the panda’s ecosystem is pretty small panda’s are helping bamboo grow by spreading the bamboo seeds in different places so bamboo can grow. One way bamboo grows is by panda’s. Since bamboo is the #1 fastest growing plant. It grows really fast. That's why if you visit a bamboo forest you will see so much bamboo. This is mainly because of panda’s. Another reason why

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