Argumentative Essay On Red Panda

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In the past twenty years, the world we call our home has changed, and continues to change, drastically:
Global temperature has risen six-tenths of a degree in those 20 years. Population has increased by 1.7 billion people. Sea levels have risen 3 inches and extreme weather in the U.S. has increased by 30 percent. In Greenland and Antarctica, ice sheets have lost 4.9 trillion tons of ice. (“This Is How Climate Change Has Altered Life on Earth the Past Two Decades”)
This climate change is having a major effect on the inhabitants of Earth. Specifically, the animals in the wild who don’t have a way to survive if their food source and habitat were to be taken away. One animal, among the many, that is already being affected is the red panda. The climate change is causing the red panda’s main food source to move out of the region and their typically cold climate to warm up. The red panda’s birth-to-death ratio is declining at an alarming rate that may cause the endangered animal to go into extinction. Red pandas are only being impacted negatively by the climate change. Red pandas are indigenous to areas from northern Myanmar (Burma) to the west Sichuan Mendoza 2 and Yunnan Provinces of China. They are also found in suitable habitats in Nepal, India, and Tibet. (“Red Panda”) Over the course of the next century, the countries home to the red panda will experience changes from disasters associated with the increase of Earth’s temperature. Bhutan, home to many of existing

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