Persuasive Essay On Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood has always been a controversial topic because of the many services they perform for their patients. The most controversial topic is abortion, but Planned Parenthood additionally provides substantial health care, birth control, STD prevention and treatment, etc. for patients who do not have access to or cannot afford actual health care. Due to the amount of people who receive treatment in Planned Parenthood, it should not be defunded so that the people who use it as their only option are not left without health care and the economy can benefit from the money they raise from Planned Parenthood’s services. Defunding Planned Parenthood can also lead to issues revolving around the rural areas where they are centered, as well as the economy as a whole.
There is a multitude of people who live in low-income households or underserved communities who use Planned Parenthood as their main health care service due to the being uninsured or in poverty. 56 percent of Planned Parenthood centers tend to be in rural areas so they can treat the most people who benefit from their program (Planned Parenthood). If this program becomes nonexistent, then the people who use Planned Parenthood as their main source of health care will have nowhere to go. This would create a large issue economically because it is doubtful other health services would be able to provide for the people who use Planned Parenthood because of the excess of people who are uninsured or cannot afford expensive healthcare. This could also have negative effects on these rural communities, specifically women, like increasing rates of cervical cancer and unintended pregnancy since they have no doctor to go to for checkups (Florez). Without proper access to birth control, birth rates could potentially increase and cancer could be failed to be detected. This not only causes issues for the women impacted, but also for the families they provide for. With an extra mouth to feed or an early death due to unnoticed cancer, families would not be able to return from their losses and continue to live a low-standard lifestyle.
A large majority of the argument against Planned Parenthood is targeted towards the pregnancy termination aspect of the program.
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