Persuasive Essay On Population Control

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Figuring out a population control policy for the United States is a very difficult task. If I were a part of the U.S. Government, I would have a hard time deciding what is morally right to implement as a population control policy. However, if I was creating a law to help control U.S. population, my ideal policy would include incentives from the government to wait to have children and intense family-planning education programs starting as early as in elementary school. The first part of my population control policy would be about giving monetary incentives to people who wait to have children until they are 30. This would entail the federal government giving $5,000 to anyone who waited until they were 30 to have children. Now, this means for couples, that the women has to wait until she is 30 to have children. If a male is single but fathers a child and is 30 or older, he would be eligible to receive the $5,000 dollars. This would just be a one time monetary incentives; it would be not be $5,000 per child. By waiting to have children until 30 years old, the amount of time women can get pregnant is much less compared to having a child at 18. A young woman having a baby at 18 leaves her with a solid twenty-five years before she hits menopause. That allows for time to have multiple more children. On the other hand, waiting until 30 years old, would only leave women with roughly fifteen years before hitting menopause--a much less significant amount of time to have multiple

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