Persuasive Essay On Poverty And Race

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For years, poverty and race have been issues that our society has long since talked about, and efforts to find solutions to these topics are being heavily discussed. These issues have been revealed and talked about by millions of people, but how these problems are presented to the public can affect how individuals handle the information at hand. Authors frame their work to achieve the most effective reaction from their targeted audience, which can result in structural differences between articles that are written for general and expert audiences. Problem framing can change the way certain audiences contemplate the issue of poverty and race, and ultimately affect the overall structure and language of a written piece. Maryah Stella Fram, Julie E. Miller-Cribbs, and Lee Van Horn present this topic in “Poverty, Race, and the Contexts of Achievement: Examining Educational Experiences of Children in the U.S. South” to an expert audience, and therefore, discuss what they believe to be the causes of poverty, and how solutions can be implemented. The approach to writing for an expert audience faces the issue of poverty and race as a problem/solution situation. Experts in this targeted field (social workers), want to hear how the end goal will be met, and what is causing the conflict at hand. In contrast, Tracie McMillan writes about the common misconceptions of poverty and race in her article, “What Do We Think Poverty Looks Like?”, in order to hopefully redefine it. In order to

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