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A Rhetorical Analysis of Susan Saulny’s “In Strangers’ Glances at Family, Tensions Linger” This article was published in The New York Times in October of 2011. The article illustrates the daily challenges faced by multiracial families. Based on where the article was published, Saulny’s intended audience was the 18-49 year-old demographic as this makes up 64% of The New York Times readers (Mahapatra, 13). Roughly 80% of readers of the The New York Times have had some post-secondary education or graduated from college, indicating a highly educated audience (Mahapatra, 13). Readers also tend to lean more liberal; meaning, readers likely hold the basic liberal ideologies of equality for all and social justice as their core values (Mahapatra, 13). All of these demographics come together to create and audience that is full of young and middle age families in the middle class. Saulny’s goal for this article is to convey the social challenges multi-racial families face on a daily basis and evoke an emotional response. Saulny effectively evokes an emotional response in her audience to help garner more acceptance for multi-racial families by including anecdotes of the families’ experiences. These anecdotes help move the audience emotionally because they show the challenges multi-racial families experience, which doesn’t sit well with a majority of the liberal-leaning readers. However, with all the challenges highlighted in this article, a reader may start to assume that it is un-wise

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