Persuasive Essay On Poverty

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Every Child Deserves the Education They Desire In her inspiring speech, “How America’s Public Schools Keep Kids in Poverty,” Kandace Sumner portrays the problem being distributed throughout the public schools of America with the inequality being dispersed to colored children as well as low-income societies to the public schools, parents of children, and the overall communities. As a teacher and mother of colored kids, Sumner is more aware of the unfair issue occurring throughout the public school system. Although, she did not really experience this problem as a child, due to the fact she was actually given a great education opportunity unlike other kids who are not given an opportunity like the one she might have obtained. However, she …show more content…

Furthermore, the fact that children living in low-income societies or are a different race then other children and are being treated differently in the field of education by not receiving the same tools to learn has a major impact on their future that is not necessarily a positive impact. Sumner just cannot stand that this is happening to such innocent children who want nothing but the opportunity to a great education because as I have learned, education is key to becoming successful and enjoying life.
Now is it right for the public schools of America to treat children who are apart of low-income families and are a different race, poorly or unequal? Every child who steps foot on this earth has every right to dream big and seek the education that they may strive for. As Sumner inspires and demands for a change in America to allow every child to have the opening to an education, she suggests the little things that can be done by each individual to help create a bigger effect later in the future. She notifies her audience,
Until we live in a world where every kid can get a high-quality education no matter where they live, or the color of their skin, there are things we can do on a macro level. School funding should not be decided by property taxes or some funky economic equation where rich kids continue to benefit from state aid, while poor kids are continuously having food and

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