Persuasive Essay On Privacy

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Since the birth of the internet, mankind has experienced unprecedented growth in knowledge and capabilities. For almost 40 years, this intricate realm of digital information has flung open the gates of change and empowered individuals in ways never before imagined. However, in line with nearly everything revolutionary, such an invention has also knocked the lid clean off of Pandora’s box. Criminals and terrorists alike have exploited the far-reaching platform of the internet to conduct their illicit business. In response, national governments have established numerous security programs in pursuit of these targets. Consequently, each program has presented itself as more intrusive than the previous by expanding government outreach through various data collection methods. Such actions have raised issues regarding privacy intrusion among numerous other factors of dehumanization that, until the recent years, have largely been ignored by the public eye. To be clear, the use of government surveillance in it of itself is necessary and acceptable. However, the lack of regulation and public transparency in the recent decades have resulted in intelligence agencies overstepping their jurisdiction along with an overall loss of focus in regards to identifying the enemy. In other terms, government surveillance, when left unchecked by the people, can and will result in the invalidation of natural rights. In June of 2013, former NSA contractor, Edward Joseph Snowden, stunned the world with

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