Persuasive Essay On Racism

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The topic for the English 1310 is racism which is a good topic within itself. The topic of racism in America is but to the back burner and when it is brought to the light it is only seen as an African American problem however that is not the case. Looking at the syllabus for an English 1310 course on the University of North Texas without having any prior knowledge to racism at all one would think other races to not have racism directed at them. Imagine being an excited and proud undergraduate African American student coming into you very first college English class with the determination to show the world that you are much more than a statistic. You pick up the syllabus and you start to see the interactive readings you will be reading for the semester. As the teacher is going over the readings you start to notice titles such as “Teaching the N-Word”, “The Power of Black Lives Matter” and “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” Slowly your excitement for this class starts to dwindle down and you become extremely confused and start to ask yourself questions like “Why is the class centered around black people?”, “Do black people complain too much?” As a African American student you feel attacked and hurt for the other races who are not included in the class course work.
Now imagine coming into the same English 1310 class as a Hispanic student. You share the same emotions as the African American student. You are ready to conquer this class and continue

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