Persuasive Essay On Rape

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When Sam*, KHS student, was raped two years ago he did not tell the police. He did not tell his parents. In fact, he told no one.
During the final months of his eighth grade year, when most students were getting excited for the upcoming spring break, Sam was raped by his girlfriend at a park while they were on their second date. After keeping how he felt about the assault bottled up inside of him for eight months, he slowly began to open up. He got many supportive responses from his friends, but others were not as sympathetic. Classmates took to calling him a slut and one went of out the way to tell Sam that he deserved what happened, that it was his fault he was raped. At first, Sam blamed himself for the assault.
“Afterward, I thought, ‘what did I do wrong?’ I mean we were dating and [sex] is a part of dating, so maybe it was my fault,” Sam said. “I thought, ‘why did this happen to me?’ I feel like there’s a part of me missing [since my girlfriend was] never prosecuted, but proving to the system that [sexual assault] happened is very difficult.”
When a sexual assault occurs, the victim has the opportunity to participate in a forensic exam to preserve possible DNA evidence and receive medical care, and all evidence from the exam is stored in a box called a rape kit. While rape kits can last for years and be a crucial part of prosecuting a rapist, getting one can be a lengthy and difficult procedure. The exam can take up to four hours, the victim has to receive the exam

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