Persuasive Essay On Recycling

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Humans are drawn towards what is morally good. Whether it is accepting responsibility for a person’s actions or giving generously to those in need, everyone feels compelled to do honorable actions. Many people feel obligated to recycle because recycling makes them feel good about themselves. In fact, some people are pushing for a mandatory recycling policy without realizing the effects it will have. Many are misinformed and do not realize the problems that can arise when they recycle. A mandatory recycling policy should not be enforced because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Two methods of recycling are in use by people today: single stream recycling and dual stream recycling. The latter involves separating paper and cardboard from glass and plastic for pickup while the former allows them to be mixed. Single stream recycling first began “in the 1990s… in California” (Laskow). It has become increasingly popular since then. This method is favored by people because of its convenience and lack of difficulty. The majority of the United States has voluntary recycling programs because they are relatively easy to manage. For the most part, it has proven to be both affordable and efficient. Current voluntary recycling programs “save the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 39.6 million cars from the road” (Cernasky). It is evident that little is wrong with voluntary recycling programs, so there is no reason to attempt to improve something that is not broken.

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