Persuasive Essay On Refugee Crisis

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The world is experiencing it’s “worst refugee crisis since World War II” (The Worst Crisis You’ve Never Heard Of). Refugees, along with having to leave their possessions and family behind in their usually war-torn or violent country, face many additional issues that are cause for the concern. Despite the United Nations’ best efforts, refugee camps are not equipped with the sufficient amount of food, medical care, and shelter for the thousands of people that pour into them everyday. With that in mind, many refugees are undernourished, sick, and generally hopeless. The continuing refugee crisis has also posed a unique issue for countries all around the world: not only does it bring about humanitarian concerns in individuals, but the ever-increasing flow of refugees cannot be kept up with and has the potential to harm other country’s economy and population. Similar refugee crises due to conflicts in countries like Palestine, Germany, Vietnam, Sudan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and Myanmar have been handled, but recent displacements are even more difficult for countries to deal with. However, countries that accept refugees serve as examples for the best possible solution to the crisis: aiding refugees, not fearing them. A massive issue, like that of the refugee crisis, is the outcome of many different events. Since the end of World War II, there has been a significant buildup of refugees. People have been pouring out of countries such as Palestine, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,
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