Persuasive Essay On Refugees In Australia

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As our knowledge of Sierra Leone is very limited. The information which we can obtain in Australia from the newspapers, internet and government can be biased. The fact remains that these refugees arrived lawfully to compete in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. A fair go for refugees is a fair go for all Australians, most of the current arrivals have fled from conflict zones. Very few passed "safe countries" on their way to Australia, as most countries in our region, are not signatory to the Refugee Convention and are well-known for maltreatment of asylum seekers The law at the time was changed by the government to prevent asylum seekers that arrived by boat.

A brief historical account of Sierra Leone may provide only a glimmer as to why the Sierra
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Australians are growing more negative about high immigration and the arrival of asylum seekers. Multiculturalism strengthened the Australian way of life, a third answered weakened, while it is said migrants get more opportunities than those born in Australia. The threat to Australia by taking immigrants from war-torn countries without confirming their suitability could cause more disharmony within Australia. While governments such as PNG (Papua New Guinea) has rejected the solution Australia tries to find by placing refugees in…show more content…
Australia has an existing humanitarian intake for 2015-16 of only 25,750 places. To have a more compassionate understanding of the problem will the Courier Mail run a centrefold lift out on refugees and their struggles in getting to Australia, to final settlement as an Australian
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