Persuasive Essay On Right To Privacy

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The birth of social media in the late 1990’s has dramatically evolved our primary means of expression. Posts and tweets provide platforms which instantly project individuals’ voices into the digital realm to be seen and heard by a hypothetically universal audience with an immediacy previously impossible. These outlets particularly appeal to teens and young adults, who desire simultaneously both an independent character and a shared place of belonging. Self-branding achieves the former and a validative, digital form of acknowledgement, via follows and likes, the latter. However, technology's inherently unlimited nature and the speed with which it delivers messages threatens our own identities and personal spaces. Additionally, there exists further friction between individual and group values. A citizen’s understanding of their right to privacy and free expression may differ from their nation’s evolving interpretation of these laws. Central to these conflicts is a human desire to carve out for ourselves a piece of a place where we may live as unique individuals who remain a part of a bigger whole. But, given the balances that exist within the personal struggle for identity and community and within a nation’s struggle to interpret privacy and speech laws in a way that securely respects its people and its history, it is impossible to weigh each factor evenly. As social media becomes normalized across more generations and its reach expands, we will increasingly prioritize our

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