Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Books

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Suicide, rape, gender, gay marriage, abuse, life. There’s huge controversy with whether it’s appropriate with having reality put into books. With those books being read in schools for read aloud, for having them read as a class read, or maybe just a suggestion for a book to read. Whether we as human beings would like to admit it or not, the world's not perfect. If kids don't get educated about what’s out there, that's when they get hurt. That’s when an innocent child or even an adult can have their life changed forever, by the simple thoughts in our mind that nothing bad could ever happen. Many people are mislead by these books, like, how it glamorizes suicide, or pushes and tells little kids that they should be gay, or change their gender. That’s not what point of view books are about at all. They show the effects of suicide, and how it can impact the people around you. How being gay, or lesbian is okay, and we should accept and love everybody for who they are. These stories are raw, and are sometimes based on true stories, while some just educate people about the subject by making a story about it. This is not the matter of whether I think it’s “right” or “wrong”, but rather to share my thoughts…show more content…
Stand up against it, and show people that you're here for them. The best things about the point of view books is, is that they show many different aspects, and view of how these events can affect people, and ways you can help each other. Without the point of view books out in the spotlight for kids to read, who knows how they would learn about. They wouldn't learn about it in school, and if they read about it online, you can only imagine the kind of things they are reading, it might be true, but it might only be the science behind it. Not the life hold it may have, with the up and down roller coaster of emotions, confusion, friendship, and
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